Recommend Data Collectors

Hi folks,

Can anyone recommend a basic, robust handheld data collector and software that will pair with Reachview/RS+/RS2, and allow multiple customised attributes to be added to survey points as they are collected & save in multiple formats including ENU, Android based, with a good camera & sunlight viewable?

Nautiz x6, Xplore-M60, Mesa etc style.

Thanks in advance.

Here you go ,offer ends Oct 31…

(SAVE - $1,034 CDN)


Cedar CT8 + FieldGenius for Android™

In celebration of launching our new product FieldGenius for Android, MicroSurvey has put together a bundle to help get you started in the field straight away with amazing value! Save over $600!

The Cedar CT8 Rugged Tablet offers powerful functionality at a low cost. Boasting a lightning-fast Qualcomm processor, Android 8.1, and a bright high-resolution display for clear outdoor visibility, the Cedar CT8 is an impressive tool for mobile data collection and communication.

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Or you can get this Mesa 2 in a android version to, I have the windows version with fieldgenius.


Cheers @davehofer1993, being in Australia & the exchange rate like it is right now it pushes prices way if I have to import myself so I’ll see if any local suppliers have these units & deals down here.

Thanks again

PS: Have you or anyone else had anything to do with the Nautiz x6 at all & know its cost & what its like?

I don’t know its cost but I’m writing this from one that I’m testing now.I have the very best things to say about it though. I tested it in the bright sunlight today.

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Hi @Brent_W is that the Nautiz x6 your testing?


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Hi everybody,

I can see that here the discussion was focused on finding a good data collectors. What a place to jump in with the news about our new ReachView 3 app! You can collect points in the project using various coordinate systems, export them in different formats, employ Base Shift to calibrate your survey project data based on one point, and so much more. We’re preparing even more updates and new features further on. So give it a shot :slight_smile: