Reception of Reach antenna and ground plane under fiberglass cover

Hi, I plan on adding a Reach unit on my next fixed wing and I was planning to put the antenna and the ground plane under a fiberglass cover.
Does anybody know if this configuration can be a problem? Anyone tested? I imagine that the fiberglass not being thick (its going to be about 1mm) will not block the GNSS signals.

Hi Rafael,

I’m planning on putting a good Tallysman antenna under a skylight dome in our warehouse for a Base station. From my experiences, I would expect that the fiberglass cover would not affect performance greatly. Key point is probably to keep antenna centered and symmetrical. Of course, our skylight is a dome , so I can place the antenna above the rooftop to get low elevation satellites. In my case, I need to look at possible close air conditioners, etc. On a fixed wing Rover, I don’t see much of a problem. I expect that a search of the Reach forum will provide more info.

( I don’t think you have to worry about crows depositing signal absorbing material on your fiberglass…) I think waterproofing of Emlid antennas can be answered elsewhere in the Reach forum.

I don’t think it’s a problem. Professionnal grade are under epoxy with gelcoat. Be careful with painting (some have metal inside)

Thank you for the answers. I will try and then I will post the results here.

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