Recent issues with OPUS solution

Hi John,

Let me chime in into the thread.

I’ve checked your file, and the most possible reason for rejecting log is that time epochs are not adjusted. It looks as shown in the screenshot below:

OPUS requires the RINEX log with even time epochs. I see that there’s a second RINEX file “.obs” that was probably converted from UBX in RTKCONV. Do you have the original UBX log? If so, you can convert it in Emlid Studio with enabled Time rounding option as shown in the screenshot below:

It adjusts RINEX epochs on integer values.

On top of that, you can apply the time adjustment by default in the RINEX logging. For that, you need to update the receiver to the latest 30 Beta 3 firmware version. You can enable Beta updates in the Firmware updates tab.

As for L2 observations, I agree with @wizprod’s assumption. But please note that L2 observations have always lower SNR than L1 ones.