Receiver Protection

Would you please consider engineering a silicon/rubber bumper cover for the Reach RS+ receivers? Something similar to this? A simple surround for the rim…

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Hi @chascoadmin,

Thanks for the request! We’ll think about it. However, I can’t guarantee it’ll be implemented.

No worries, just throwing it out there. We try to take care of our equipment, but we are a construction company and plastic gets broken, :slight_smile:. I’ve got to think about that before I hand 8 or 10 sets out… I’ll let the forum now if I find something.


Hi, Long time reader first time poster. After reading all the amazing information on here that helped me get going with my two Reach RS+ receivers, I wanted to try and give something back to the community. I liked your idea so using the STEP file from EMLID came up with this and 3d printed it. It’s printed in polyflex but any flexible filament should work. I can’t upload the STL files here so will post it up on thingiverse so you can grab the files to print if anyone wants them. I don’t think it will effect the antenna performance but not tried them yet in the field.


Amazing, that is exactly what I had in mind! I love these communities. It shouldn’t affect any functionality, or at least that was what I was hoping with the open design. I also love your touch with the mode label. We are a little hard on stuff in construction so those hard plastic corners were sure to be a problem. I don’t have a 3D printer so would you consider making and selling them?

Bumpers to download here
I would consider it but I’m based in the UK so shipping might be a bit prohibitive and might be worth while you finding someone in the US to print them for you?


Thanks! That is the community spirit! I will be printing some out in the near future on my printer!

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Could you print me a couple of sets and send me an E-Invoice? Red or Maroon would be awesome! We need to figure out how to get Richard some royalties :wink:

@rmowbs, do you have files for base and rover, or maybe one blank?

Thanks a bunch!! I just ordered some SainSmart Clear Flexible TPU today to try this on my Tornado. Been wanting this for a long time. I will feel much better with a rubber bumper of some sort. Anything will help.

It looks awesome!:heart_eyes: I want the pink one :smile:



Love it!

Michael, I got my TPU in so I will test print these this week. If all goes well I will take care of you :slight_smile:

Very cool, I appreciate it.

I found this on thingiverse, and just thought to look to see if there was a thread on it here. Of course there is a thread by the designer. This is awesome, thanks so much.

I have now printed two of these. The first was in blue FillFlex 98a which isn’t really soft enough to be too much protection. The second is in TPU (pink) which seems much better. I edited the stl to add the name of our lab on the back of the pink one. And now Ill probably order some more TPU to print bumpers for the rest of our fleet of RSs.

I just upgraded our printer last week. My old printer was always a struggle to print anything but PLA, but the new printer (Prusa I3 mk3) did amazing with both of these filaments. And this printed in about 6 hours.


Is there anyone that would be willing to print and sell me a few of these?

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