receive correction data with external radio

I have a RS2 configured as base with the following parameters:

Corrections output: on
Output power: 20 mdBm
Frequency: 863.0 MHz (LoRa frequency band(s): 863.0-870.0 MHz)
Air data rate: 18.23 kb/s
Output format of corrections: RTCM3

With these parameters (+the exact position of the base) I got the correction data on a second RS2 (rover).
Now I want to receive the corrections with a LoRa radio (Seeed LoRa-E5 Development Kit). I connect the radio via USB cable to a Windows computer. Then I open a terminal program (HTerm).

  • Port: Com 5
  • Baud: 9600
  • Stop: 1
  • Parity: None
  • CR+LF

Now I can use AT commands to set the parameters of the radio so that it can receive correction data.
What Reach RS2 parameters are needed to establish a connection?
Has anyone ever configured a LoRa radio to receive correction data and would like to share his/her knowledge?


Not currently available.

The Reach LoRa radio will not connect with other radios, only Emlid LoRa radios in the RS+/RS2 or the M+/M2 LoRa radio.

I have been working on it. I want it to a serial port (DB9) connector though. See the below thread.

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Hi Jan,

I came to confirm @jp-drain-sol words. He’s working on some interesting custom solution (and I read all new posts in the thread), but by default, LoRa radios from different manufacturers don’t communicate with each other.

Ok, that changes a lot. It is not possible to receive correction data from RS2 with an external LoRa radio.
You have dealt with this intensively. Thanks for sharing the development work with the community.
I have a uINS here from Inertial Sense that I wanted to feed with correction data to reference the point cloud of a Livox mid40. I didn’t anticipate not being able to capture the correction data.
In the InertialSense docs even Emlid Reach is suggested as a base.

By the way, I think I could set it up with USB instead of RS232 but that will be after I get everything working with the RS232 which is a priority for my application.

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