Reboot and Shutdown buttons in ReachView 3

They could implement Reboot and Shutdown buttons in ReachView 3

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Very important


I’d like to see a “reset” fix option or something to reset the GNSS engine. I haven’t done any verifying yet with a known position, but playing around in RV3 this is needed. Also an “inverse” function from the last position stored or a realtime delta error from last point collected. I’ve manually inversed using my HP calculator app, but it’s very cumbersome.

I just don’t trust any realtime fix unless I have some kind of verifying the point. I appreciate the real time delta errors of the position, but it would be nice to have another verification of the point.

I’m comparing the RS2 to our Javad receivers. I know Emlid is new to the GNSS world, but they need to develope the confidence in their system. I’ve taken our Javad receivers in places you’d never thought you would get a confident position, but they have various ways to verify a position. It’s been proven and works by the Javad community. I’m sure Emlid could do the same.


Hey everyone,

Thanks for sharing your requests with us! We’ll definitely consider them.

We understand how handy it is to reboot and shut down the device from the app. We’re thinking about transferring this functionality to the ReachView 3 app.

Also, we’ll research what additional ways of double-checking the accuracy we can give surveyors.

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Also, I wanted to add that you can make the receiver recalculate the solution now if you manually change any of the GNSS Settings (for example, temporarily set the SNR mask to a different value and press Apply).

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