Reash rs+

Hi guys
I have a question about the reash rs+ can you get centimeter accuracy without internet access and if so what package of reach rs+ i need for that accuracy

Yes, however, you will still need a corrections source. If you don’t have internet-access you need a LoRa correction signal from another RS+.
So you will need 2xRS+.


So this package will be enough
One as a rover and the other as a base


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Do you have any advice about emlid Accessories for faster and more accuracy using LoRe correction

Hi @bencheikhbaker,

The kit you found contains all the needed accessories for RTK with LoRa. Just remember that Reach RS+ is a single-band. To achieve centimeter-accurate coordinates, you need to work under a clear sky view.

Also, for RTK, you need a tripod for a base and a survey pole for a rover. We don’t produce tripods currently, but we have a survey pole. Reach RS+ has a 4/2" thread, so you need a survey thread adapter additionally.

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If you have Internet in the office then you can download the corrections file from them and using Emlid Studio (free download) and your raw collected data and do PPK Post Processing.

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