Real time view elevation?

Lets say I wanted to create a slope in land on a property and to do this I need to setup a reference point (high spot) and find a location 1ft below that reference.

With two Reach RS units can I setup a base station. Have it auto average its “location”. Then use the other as a rover on a pole and walk it around placing it on the ground and in real time see the difference in the elevation?

For example I would walk 100ft from the base station and use the rover and place it on the ground and I could find the elevation difference in real time using a phone? And it should be CM accuracy? Or would every time I moved it would take a while to re fix?

That is correct. As long as it can keep its sky view and you don’t turn it upside down or sideways it should keep its fix. In general, it can keep its fix as long as you’re not walking under trees, etc.

Thanks! On the rover there isn’t really anything saying “1ft below” the base in the app right?
It just gives me a Z value in GPS terms? On the base could I manually change the Z to zero?
That way to Z value on the rover would be exactly showing the difference in elevation not a GPS elevation.

I only see a place to enter the rover pole height in the survey part of the app. On the “status” page I would have to manually minus the pole height to get readings that way correct?

  1. That’s right. You would just have to follow the live elevation feedback. You could tweak the pole height in your settings to get it so you’re working with an even number, just to make it easier to do the math in your head.
  2. I don’t think it works quite that simply. Somebody can correct me if I’m wrong. Your theory is correct, but I don’t think you can enter an elevation that’s way out. But try it and see what it does. I know the lat lat have to be reasonably close to real numbers.
  3. I believe that’s correct as well. The live elevation feedback doesn’t take the rover pole height into account. Just when you’re saving points.

Please correct me, anyone!

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