Real Newbie and stupid questions

I’m thinking of getting an Emlid RS+ system. So, I need to ask some stupid questions as I’m a real newbie. I’m hoping to use it as an archaeological tool for marking out trenches and artifacts etc. Can it be used to replace a DUMPY level and if I cannot get access to NTRIP how accurate would the system be if I just have it as RTK, i.e. if I just have a base and rover? Also is there any way I could use the system to set out a site grid instead of using the old 3, 4, 5 system (does the equipment give you a distance from say survey point A to point B).

It will depend on a few things.

  • What is the environment like? It may not work well in areas with many obstructions such as vegetation and structures with allot of metal.

  • What kind of accuracy do you really need? A Dumpy level with give you very accurate elevations around 1cm and the GNSS equipment will more than likely be 2-3cm.

  • How are you currently locating horizontally? I assume a two-taping method off of a grid.

  • How are you geographically locating your site? Handheld GPS? You can setup a receiver base station and let it find it’s position in about 30 minutes to get a globally accurate point and then all of the observed points from the rover are related to that point.

I assume by this you mean being able to inverse points in the software (Reachview)? Reachview does not support inversing in the interface so you would have to export the points to a GIS program like QGIS or similar. I think this would be a good program to have in your workflow either way.


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