ReachView's Rover serial configuration

Hi, since I got reach module, I’ve started to configure my reach module.

I wanna get base correction through 3DR radio.

So in Rover mode’s “Input source for base corrections” tab, I chose serial.

But when I chose serial, “Device(required)” blank appeared.
So…What do I have to type in here??
And when I use 3DR radio module, what is proper baudrate??

please help me…
I attached one screenshot to make it easy for understanding my question

Thank you for reading my question…

I think you must have an old version of ReachView. If you update, it should look like this:

Hi bide~ Thank you for your answer~~
My Reachview version is v0.4.7.
I updated it yesterday.
I guess this is latest version which Emlid team released.

But actually Before updating it to the latest version, I remember that I had to type “Device(required)” blank…

Below is my Reachview version information screenshot

OK, so if:

  • you have the newest ReachView, and
  • you are missing the setting Dynamics model of the rover(Kinematic and dgps only), and
  • your Input source for base corrections setting is displaying incorrectly,

then, you must be using an old or corrupt configuration file. This can be fixed by switching to one of the default files:

  • reach_single_default.conf
  • reach_kinematic_default.conf

or, you may need to run the update again as maybe your update to v0.4.7 did not complete properly.

(if you haven’t already, consider refreshing the page in your browser, just in case it is using an old cached version of the page)