ReachView3 Remote Access


We are currently using Emlid RS2 as a fixed base station on top of 350m tower to send corrections to multiple robots around the city through NTRIP.

Is there any easy way to access the RS2 base with ReachView3 remotely?
It would be very tedious to go up 350m tower to update the IP address, fix a bug. It seems to me the only way it either a common Wi-Fi network or the RS2 HotSpot.


Hi Layth,

Currently, no such way out-of-box. But I know some of our users use a SIM card with public IP and private APN. It allows accessing Reach bi IP address remotely but still has it secure.

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Why place up in a 350 meter tower in the first place? Such a high antenna would sway a lot in the wind, making the precision of the rover probably submeter level, even though it would be fixed.



Placing an RF antenna that high will increase range but, you will have signal loss with a cable that long and heliax cable is expensive. We did a Trimble base (1W radio) 10 feet off the ground and an antenna at 100 feet. We added a 5W booster to the system to get any real range to it.

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