Reachview3 improvements proposal

Hi there,

I am using 2 RS2 units. They are working great almost all the time. But I have to propose you a improvement for the software. I would like to have an option to get a point every x meters. This will be very useful as I use and ATV for a 4x4 car for large areas and for now I must stop and the press a button for every point I need.

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Are you doing a topographic survey? If so, what data format do you need it in?

I use a free Android app by Trimble called WM-Survey II that mirrors the survey we do with their monitors. When you have interior selected it takes a reading every so many feet or meters depending on what you set it for. In my case, I take a reading every 10 feet as I am driving the boundary or interior.

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This has been a request for quite a while including Reachview 2. Our Topcon has a function that not only allows it to collect a point by time or distance, but in proximity to other points so you just drive around and you always get the equivalent of a 25ft grid or whatever you set.


Hey everyone,

Thanks for the request! We’re definitely going to look into it.


Try Field Genius Android. I think the software does exactly what you’re looking for on there and from what the community has said FG does support the RS2.


Yes it does in both cases, but I think the point was to not have to buy a 3rd party software. There are just a few things that could be done to RV3 that would alleviate that need for ALLOT of people.


I also would have loved if RV3 Could have the following:

  • COGO.

  • DXF Imports

  • Site Calibration

  • Continuous Topo and many others…

Understandably I think it would take a while before the Emlid dev team can implement all the above as we’ve seen take time for things like CS implementation, they are doing a lot though, and implementing some power tools or functionality that have traditionally been on a select few, bulky, easily cooled, powerful chip equipped devices…now they are trying to implement those on a vast variety of dated and recent android and iOS devices .

Any idea as to whether FG Android is a perpetual License or Subscription License?, Curious though, how much is it?


Its perpetual, but you are only going to get upgrades for about a year:

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You can pay annually for continued maintenance if you like. At the usual 10% I am assuming Android would be $100/yr, but I haven’t found my record yet. Our last renewal for the Windows version was $200.

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