Reachview3 improvements proposal

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I am using 2 RS2 units. They are working great almost all the time. But I have to propose you a improvement for the software. I would like to have an option to get a point every x meters. This will be very useful as I use and ATV for a 4x4 car for large areas and for now I must stop and the press a button for every point I need.


Are you doing a topographic survey? If so, what data format do you need it in?

I use a free Android app by Trimble called WM-Survey II that mirrors the survey we do with their monitors. When you have interior selected it takes a reading every so many feet or meters depending on what you set it for. In my case, I take a reading every 10 feet as I am driving the boundary or interior.


This has been a request for quite a while including Reachview 2. Our Topcon has a function that not only allows it to collect a point by time or distance, but in proximity to other points so you just drive around and you always get the equivalent of a 25ft grid or whatever you set.


Hey everyone,

Thanks for the request! We’re definitely going to look into it.


Try Field Genius Android. I think the software does exactly what you’re looking for on there and from what the community has said FG does support the RS2.


Yes it does in both cases, but I think the point was to not have to buy a 3rd party software. There are just a few things that could be done to RV3 that would alleviate that need for ALLOT of people.


I also would have loved if RV3 Could have the following:

  • COGO.

  • DXF Imports

  • Site Calibration

  • Continuous Topo and many others…

Understandably I think it would take a while before the Emlid dev team can implement all the above as we’ve seen take time for things like CS implementation, they are doing a lot though, and implementing some power tools or functionality that have traditionally been on a select few, bulky, easily cooled, powerful chip equipped devices…now they are trying to implement those on a vast variety of dated and recent android and iOS devices .

Any idea as to whether FG Android is a perpetual License or Subscription License?, Curious though, how much is it?


Its perpetual, but you are only going to get upgrades for about a year:

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You can pay annually for continued maintenance if you like. At the usual 10% I am assuming Android would be $100/yr, but I haven’t found my record yet. Our last renewal for the Windows version was $200.

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Hi guys,

The localization feature has arrived. It’s helpful when you don’t have the precise parameters of the local coordinate system your project should conform to, but you have the known points in that CS. Just measure these points with Reach and apply localization in Emlid Flow.