ReachView3 Beta-Set CRS for Base Unit

I was trying out the Beta 3 today in Survey Mode and when I changed the Coordinate System from the stock to my local state plane I saw a message at the bottom of the screen directing me to be sure to change the CRS in the Base Unit to the same system as the Rover. I’ve gone into the base unit and I don’t see where to make this change.

Can anyone give me a clue?



Hi Frank,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

You can use ReachView 2 to do base configuration. At the same time, your rover will run ReachView 3 to collect points. You need to enter the coordinates in the required datum in the Base mode settings of ReachView 2. Please check this guide for more detail.

Could you please specify what coordinate system you are using? It might help me to recommend any particular workflow that will suit your needs.

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GA83-WF (EPSG:2240-NAD83) This is United States, Georgia, West, Feet

If I am not able to make this change in the base unit will my work be accurate if I make this change in the Rover only?

Hi Frank,

I’ve corrected my last comment a bit. You can set up the base in ReachView 2 using NAD83 there.

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