Reachview3 app for windows (Feature Request)

Hello would it be possible to get the reachveiw app scanner for windows as well . It would really be handy on my data collector (Mesa2) or even on a desktop?


ReachView for Windows would be awesome!

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Hey there,

Have you tried Nmap? It’s pretty easy and should do the job.

Does not work offline

I guess you mean a windows version of the current bèta app?
That was also one of my concerns when I saw the app became native… The full web interface was easy for cross-platform access.

that to but I meant the scan app

you mean to ‘find’ the device on the network?
Meanwhile I discovered it is using mDNS, so probably you can use any client software able to query mdns/dns-sd/zeroconf/bonjour (but actually i don’t now any by heart)
As test I did attempt to make a small console application. It seems to be able to retrieve my 3 emlid devices. (build/tested in vscode on linux, but should work on windows as well)

Edit: I also discovered the RS2 is announcing it’s services at the IPv6 address, but there is actually nothing running on it… maybe an attention point for one of the next firmwares. (currently not a big issue, but kind of dirty)

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Correct. Reachview3 on windows would be nice to :grin:

Doesnt look like it works for windows . It needs to be a simple app that I can get form microsoft store or downloadable format

I fired up my win10-x64 laptop, and compiled a binary for .NetFramework4.5 (which is installed by default)
Just extract the zipped binary and run ‘reachLocator.exe’. It’s a console application which will keep searching and print one line with http-link per device, just press enter to exit the program.


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