Reachview3 and fieldgenius simultaneously

can i use reachview2 ,reachview3 and fieldgenius simultaneously.

I always have RV3 and FieldGenius for Android open at the same time and occasionally open RV2 as well to start logging.

I have used Reachview 3 on my phone and Fieldgenius on my Windows CE device at the same time, without any issues.

I see, did you experience in field genius the solution is float while in reachview3 is fix. With settings is 15, 35

What should I set in pdop and satellite to get 2-3cm accuracy?

FieldGenius has always mirrored the Reachview status in my experience, but they do have their own settings so it is not out of the question. PDOP normally shouldn’t be above 5 and that is pushing it. Personally I don’t accept anything less that 7 satellites.

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Hi Yamete,

The solution status in ReachView and FieldGenius should be the same. Reach receiver outputs NMEA messages to the FieldGenius with the information regarding RTK status. Please check that you’ve set up all the settings accordingly to our guide.

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