Reachview2 and reachview3 run simultaneously

If i run reachview2 app and reachview3 app at the same time, i cannot connect to rs+ in reachview3 app. Before updating firmware version 26, I used reachview2 and reachview3 alternately at the same time. However, recently, when I try to use reachview2 and then reachview3, rs+ connection does not work on reachview3. Shouldn’t reachview2 and reachview3 be running at the same time?

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Hi @wnsgh7531,

I could not reproduce the issue with a Reach RS+ on the 26 Stable firmware. May I ask you to share a screencast of such apps’ behavior? It will help me to understand the issue fully and check what might be wrong.

Probably should provide the model of the phone/tablet etc and what OS version of the phone/tablet also.

Thank you for your answer. The cell phone I am using is iPhone se2. IOS version is 14.5.1. The firmware version has been updated to 26, and we have also updated the app. Reachrs+ is not accessible in the reachview3 app as shown in the attached picture.

What’s the problem?

Hi @wnsgh7531,

Thank you. Could you please share the following details as well:

  • Which ReachView 3 app version do you use? You can check it in the ReachView 3 Profile tab.

  • Is it possible to open Reach Panel in a browser when ReachView 3 is opened?

  • In case you have another Android or iOS device, please check if you face the same issue with it.

Thank you for your reply.
The reachview3 version is 5.9.
And android hasn’t tested it, but I ran into the same problem on other IOSs (the other phone is an iPhone 8).

Hi @wnsgh7531,

Thanks for the details!

Could you please clarify if you can open Reach Panel in a browser after accessing Reach RS+ in ReachView 3?

Hi, thanks for your reply.
After accessing reach rs+ on reachview3, the panel opens fine in the browser.
Actually, it seems that there is no problem if only reachview3 is turned on from the beginning on mobile.
And there is firmware version 26.1, can I update it?

Hi @wnsgh7531,

Thanks for the clarification! I’ll discuss your case with the team and write back.

We always recommend keeping the receivers up-to-date since the new versions contain new features and important fixes. So, it would be great if you update the receiver to the latest firmware.

Hi @wnsgh7531,

It looks like the issue you face may be related to the issues with the connection to ReachView 3 fixed in the 26.1 firmware update. Could you please tell me if the issue persists after the update to the latest stable firmware?

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