ReachView vs RTKNAVI

  1. Firmware image and ReachView version v2.7.2 and earlier.
  2. Detailed problem description.: ReachView performance much worse than RTKNAVI
  3. Your step by step actions.: If I use ReachView, I almost always get poor FIXes and erratic FLOAT with ReachView in obstructed skyview.

Using RTKNAVI on same Rover-Base, I get much better FIX and FLOAT performance.

I have ignored the problem until now as I have been using PPK mostly.

The only thing that seems different is that in RTKNAVI, the Base Correction is provided in UBX format while .in ReachView the correction is RTCM3.

I know that RTKLIBExplorer added some fixes to RTKCONV saying that a lot of fixes were in the conversion from ubx to RTCM3, but don’t know if these are related.

It is not a big problem for me, as I can use a PC or tablet & run RTKNAVI for realtime solutions, but I can’t see why I would have the problem if others don’t… Using the smartphone certainly has advantages of reducing the weight of equipment.

Any ideas?

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Have not used navi much . Tried it the other day, all connected to the samt wifi and rtcm3 data to rtknavi. Only thing i noticed where a much more stable age of differential with navi. Other then that both setup provided fix. But then again i didnt run them at the same time span.
I also think that computer located closer to wifi reduced some longe range difficulties. This is just hunges
Will try navi more later and see if i notice anything.

Not sure, but seem to be closer to FIX at similar times after upgrade 2.7.3. Don’t expect identical performance as Kinematic configurations are not identical. Will check with better sky views.

Some breeze through trees today which usually makes FIX more difficult.

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