ReachView version: v2.5.3-r0 problem

Since updating to ver 2.5.3 on my Reach RS i seem to be getting a fix
but no GPS signal strengths

This occasionally happens to me on my Android device. Mostly it happens when I am switching from the browser away to something else and then back to the browser, or sometimes when clicking tabs quickly in succession.

My workaround is to drag down to show the address bar. Click on the bar as if you are going to type in a new address, but instead of typing, click below in the ReachView webpage. Viola! The satellite bars reappear.

You can also do the same thing by refreshing the page, but a refresh is a bit slower.

Does that help any?

@HELImetrex Do you have steps to reproduce the issue?

I’m running Android on LG LeonLTE with Firefox. Have not observed this problem, but will let you know if I do,Not running Reach RS…

hi igor, not sure about steps , i just turn on the unit and it seems to be getting a fix on the stats however doesn’t matter what i do , i seem to not get the sat bar indicators. i have reset the config and still seems to do the same thing.

What if you try opening ReachView from another device or another browser? Is the issue still there?

yes seems to be , i have tried computer and apple ipad and phone.

Reboot the unit? Clear browser cache? Which browser do you use?

tried both edge and chrome, and have cleared browser cashe, i have rebooted , but will try again.

ok, just rebooted , it comes back for about 5 sec then disappears again.