ReachView v2.7.4 - Extended LED support

Good day, everyone!

We are rolling out a new update, and the main new feature is long overdue. So far the Reach devices haven’t been taking full advantage of their in-built LEDs, only using them during the startup process. This new ReachView version fixes this, breathing life into the RGB LED on Reach and the LED panel on Reach RS. The update contains mostly “under the hood” changes, we had to go through a lot architecture-wise to make this as straightforward as possible. Reach team has been working very hard on this one, so shout-out to our engineers :slight_smile:

While reworking the LED we’ve introduced some changes to how things are presented. Full information on the new LED statuses is available in our updated docs(Reach, Reach RS). Here’s a little summary:



  • Scanning - fast blue blinks
  • Client Wi-Fi mode - blue
  • Hotspot Wi-Fi mode - white
Reach RS

This explains the PWR and NET LEDs:


  • In normal mode, the LED will stay solid
  • During battery charge, it will add rare blinks
  • In case of low battery, the LED will turn off and start rare blinking to draw user’s attention


  • Scanning is shown by fast blinks
  • Client Wi-Fi mode is slow blinks
  • Hotspot is solid LED


  • Extended LED support. Reach LED will reflect network connection status, point collection and app state. In addition, Reach RS’s PWR LED will show battery and power status.
  • Added a special button to blink the LEDs manually. Should help you locate which Reach you are currently working with, if you have many
  • Added “Night mode”. Allows you to turn off the LEDs until the next reboot. Our users asked for this, as leaving the receivers at night with the lights on attracted unwanted attention. No need for duct tape anymore :mask:

Bug fixes

  • RCH-744 - Network scan might hang indefinitely on boot with fast blinking
  • RCH-675 - Removed malfunctioning instantaneous option from GPS AR modes


Hit the lightbulb for some stroboscope action:

You can toggle the Night mode inside the settings tab:

A big thanks to all you guys for feedback and reports, especially the ones who participated in remote debug sessions, giving us a chance to fix problems for everybody. This update has been cooking up for a long time, and we’ve got some more improvements lined up for you, so you might expect a couple more releases in the near future.

Best regards,
Egor Fedorov

Update 26.07.2017

We’ve just released v2.7.1. This update addresses instabilities some of our users faced using LoRa on Reach RS. The driver behaves much more stably now, average age of differential is significantly reduced and under normal circumstances should be less than 1 second. Thanks to all the users, who reported this!

Update 05.08.2017

Another minor release, v2.7.2 is out. It is mostly RTKLIB-related and includes:

  • the missing NMEA messages - VTG and GST
  • ERB fixes kindly provided by @Amilcar_Lucas. You can see the details here, here and here.
  • improved RTCM3 parser to improve radio-based correction link reliability. Should slightly improve passing the corrections via LoRa as well.

Update 08.08.2017

Minor update v2.7.3. Fixed a couple glitches with the SNR chart. Correction link will now appear more stable.

Update 27.08.2017

Minor update v2.7.4. RTKLIB was updated to fix several small bugs.

  • Now the NTRIP NMEA feedback contains number of satellites.
  • NMEA GSA message was updated and now Reach should be compatible with Magnet field point collecting software.
  • ERB has a new message with extended RTK information. This change is based on @Amilcar_Lucas PR, which we slightly reworked. Anyway, it’s good to have ArduPilot integration improved, so thanks to him.


Not sure when it disappeared, but in survey mode, antenna height can not be set with 3 decimals, only 2.

Yes, I had same issue and also decimal can’t be used in iPhone too. Should make this field entry things more complete.Thanks.

Please add “Restart and shut down buttons” in next release… Thank you.

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Confirmed, will get it back soon.

Added to the feature list.

Hi Egor

I dont see the update dialog yet in Reachview – it says I am up to date with 2.7.1. When do you plan to post 2.7.2?


Just reboot your device. Reach checks new updates at boot time. Also, make sure it’s connected to the Internet.

OK - Thanks

BTW - You guys are doing a great job with software updates and the website. - Thanks


Hi Guys, Noticed 2.7.3 is out, can you advise what the changes are?


Sorry for the delay, I’ve updated the post.

I do not see any comits on Commits · emlid/RTKLIB · GitHub
Did you forget to push, or did the fixes only affect the closed-source part of Reach ?

Only ReachView was affected