ReachView v2.6.0 - RINEX logging

Hello everyone,

You may have already noticed this, but we’ve pushed yet another ReachView release. v2.6.0 brings a huge new feature - logging directly to RINEX. We’ve been working on that for quite some time, so some small improvements and bug fixes found their way into the app as well. Let’s dive into the details.


  • RINEX logs. Now you can skip the RTKCONV part in your post-processing routine. The RINEX converter has been updated and handles Galileo observations as well. Logging to RINEX is optional, you can choose raw data format just like you do with position log. After the log is finished, you get a nice compressed zip archive.
  • New NMEA messages - GST and VTG. They contain velocity and accuracy information and should improve experience using Reach with external point collection software.

Bug fixes

  • RCH-661 Fixed the antenna height field, which forced iOS users to use a numeric keyboard with no float point
  • RCH-544 Some really big heights might not have been displayed correctly in the surveying screen
  • RCH-594 Added units in the battery view on Reach RS
  • RCH-653 Fixed SNR chart’s weird “paint drip” animation glitch
  • RCH-411 Fixed SNR mask configuration sometimes inactive
  • RCH-659 Fixed camera trigger failing in the recent versions
  • RCH-597 Improved GNSS predictor’s time step


A sneak peak into the new logs:

During recording:

After the log is split or stopped, it will take some time to get compressed, and after this you are done!

Hope you enjoy these new features. The team has worked very hard on them. We have more, so stay tuned!

Best regards,
Emlid team


Due to my mistake, new NMEA messages have not been released. We will get them back in the coming v2.8.0


Awesome, I am looking forward to start playing with RINEX.


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Update install – Smooth. No problems. LG Leon LTE cell, Firefox. Particularly useful is Rinex 2.11 which is used by most ref stations and NCAN ppp. Saves a step or two…

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Sounds like a nice update. When I converted the raw files to Rinex I always made a note of the camera events that were triggered (T in the conversion summary). Will this update show us the number of camera events recorded?

Unfortunately, it will not. We have plans to add various log details, such as conversions stats, current settings and so on, inside archives containing RINEX in the future.

When we expect to see the UTM coordinates and stakeout features released?

If I turn power off without stopping I loose the Rinex but not the RAW?
Thank you

You will not lose any logs when turning off power.

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Ok Thank you
Is it possible to add a DHCP Server to speed up the wifi connection?