ReachView v2.5.3 - More Bluetooth improvements

We continue improving experience of working with Bluetooth on our devices. v2.5.3 update is out now and it fixes many issues we had with Bluetooth connectivity. Most importantly we now support a secure pairing protocol, which seriously extends the range of supported devices. In practice, this means Reach now supports integration with Windows CE-based collectors.


  • The bluetooth tab has slightly changed. It now provides a couple of new settings, described further below
  • Reach and Reach RS can now accept pairing requests like normal BT devices, provided you have allowed that in the settings
  • Some devices require a pin code from the target device after sending a pairing request and want you to enter it to complete the process. The backend now supports this kind of requests and ReachView allows you to view and edit this pin for your receiver.
  • Some devices will show you a passcode and ask you to make sure you see the same one on the one you are connecting to. Reach can now accept this kind of requests as well, but will not display the passcode provided. You can just click yes to confirm
  • Changing the device name will also be reflected in the bluetooth scans. Interface displays this name and your receiver’s Bluetooth mac address to ensure you are connecting to the right device
  • When an external device is connected, ReachView will show you which one and allow you to disconnect from it (HTC phone on the screenshot)

Take a look at the new interface:


  • After the update Bluetooth will be turned off. It’s just a technical effect of the update process, you are free to turn it back on
  • To see your Reach’s name show up in the BT scans instead of just reach, you have to manually change it again

Just as a reminder, this can be done in our “Gear” settings tab:

A big thanks goes to the Reach team for all their hard work on this update. We will continue pushing more stuff, just wait and see :sunglasses:

Best regards,
Emlid team