ReachView v2.4.0 - Galileo support

Close and reopen the project does the trick Edit: Sometimes.
Its a bug i think @egor.fedorov

Edit: Happens with mine. Used autosave in singel mode and it would not start unless i close and then reopen the project.
Edit: it also apears if signals are bad but stil enough to get a solution within the parameters set in autosave mode.
Edit: Did some more testing with another unit. And it seems if you start it up under bad conditions and move it to get better signals / or if booted under good conditions and before it has run for a while and you have set settings for use and open survey and try to save points, it will not save until bad data that is in the loop is out and/or you adjust some RTK settings and reopen survey tab. Then it will save points.

Seems like there is something in the survey tab that has some parameteres running in the background that we dont see and is keeping survey to save if to much bad data has been collected… Or something.
I can reproduce the probleme but also clear it by doing as stated above.

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