ReachView v2.3.1 - Point collection

(Sylvain Poulain) #21

I use time mark with an interrupter for ppk

(dicky) #22

Awesome. I love it. “Stop and go”, I like it. Thank you emlid team, you are the men.

(l3technologycambodia) #23

Could you please elaborate or give tutorial of your method for PPK? How did you know you collect enough data for PPK without live RTK from base? How long you have measure rover point for PPK?

(l3technologycambodia) #24

Is there any chance to have tool for collecting data for PPK without getting live RTK from Base? I tested in a construction site and I lost LoRa radio after around 400m from Base.


Thank you Emlid. This now gives the Reach the basic needs for land surveying. Any audible tones for RTK fix changes?

Here’s an example, from Lefebure NTRIP client for Android.

Audio Alert on Fix Change - When this is enabled, you will hear the notification sound when the type of solution changes. For example, if you go from RTK to Float-RTK or from DPGS to RTK.

-from http://lefebure.com/software/android-ntripclient/help/

(Esa Tyystjärvi) #26

I am considering an RTK system for a precision agriculture research project. Is it possible to use a particular button of a bluetooth keyboard to trigger point collection by a smartphone? A touchscreen is difficult to use on a field by senior researchers because they have to put glasses on to use the phone, then take them off to do the rest. Besides, hands get dirty and moist in field work.
Esa Tyystjärvi

(Richard Johnson) #27

I’m not that familiar with Reach / RS software, but if the I2C signals are available, they could be used for hardwire custom I/Os . And probably Bluetooth would be OK for remote. I defer to Emlid on this.
(I grew up on a farm. Dirty and moist & steamy …!!!)

(Simon Allen) #28

Uh Oh
Something that works and is simple is about to get complicated.

Please can you stop!

Create a second application for CRS conversion, point collection, shape import , etc. Reachview is simple and works. I use mapit or cybertracker on android and cybertracker on windows CE. to do all my ‘survey’ work, and they interface to my TruPulse laser. Sometimes it is good to recognise when you polishing starts to make things dull not add to the shine.

(Egor Fedorov) #29

Hey Scott,

PPK requires a different approach - using RINEX logs with special events. Working on it atm.

(Egor Fedorov) #30

Good point, we will try to figure something like this out.

(Egor Fedorov) #31

I’ve actually been waiting for a request like this for a long time. It means a lot to see these updates might feel like “too much” to somebody. Thank you!

Regarding your post, I think the point collection is very far from “polishing”. It’s a huge feature, which actually makes Reach a capable surveying tool out of the box. We feel the need for Reach to be used independently of anything else.
We want to make it powerful, simple and integrated, but in no way plan to force it. You can still use whatever collection software you like.

(Austin Hill) #32

The point collection screen is great. I have been messing with it since this release and find it super convenient, and potentially a great and simple workflow for collecting data.

My only question is if you have an estimate on when you would support collecting (and displaying in real time) points in UTM coordinates. That would be the ideal addition to make it possible, for our application, to start using just the reach view app for data collection.


(Simon Allen) #33

Had the point collection worked I would have agreed with you. A great new function, but when I spend ages waiting at the ‘starting collection’ barbers pole and nothing happens then clearly you are rolling out new features too fast. I have not tried swapping to 5Hz data collection, so there probably is a work around.

As for adding UTM or other onboard transformation. I can point you to a big trench in the middle of the North sea that was dug because both the GPS and the data collection system both did the transformation.

Keep It Simple. Excel at what you do. When will you be releasing the dual frequency Reach?



(Richard Johnson) #34

One of my indications that a design has potential is when you get feedback of how you should have designed the system. That means people see promise in the design.

I could use a simple ENU output from stake to stake. I start at corner, go 100m N30.0E to first stake , etc. then 53.2m N78.53E, etc.

I contributed to Emlid funding drive and have been impressed by progress.

Reach RS is an indication that there may be demands for specialized versions, depending on applications.

Being involved in basically state of the art development is invigorating.

My first non-volatile memory was a paper tape punch. No problem in seeing that changed.

I also have an assembly coded 256Byte program in production products after 35 years. Some things good to change, others not.

(Egor Fedorov) #35

Fair enough. We do push stuff quickly and sometimes make mistakes. But we mend them fast as well and try to be as dynamic as possible. Most of the stuff we released in the last months was in very high demand.

In the near future a stable release channel will be introduced for those looking for a more reliable experience, rather than new features asap.

By the way, the fix for this collection issue is out now as v2.5.1.

(Richard Johnson) #36


Did a quick check on point collection with v2.5.1 …
Appears to be good here on 1 Hz, so update went smoothly. Thanks for this. One minor note… Do not use on existing project… Start with new one. Works fine… Thank you.

(Francesco Sisani) #37

Hy guys

finally with latest update Survey point collection works also for me

thx for efforts



(Alistair) #38

Hi Simon, I’m using ReachView v2.5.3 in Kinematic mode (ReachRS base and rover via LoRa, 5Hz GPS+Glonass) and the point collection feature works fine. We used the point collection feature to test and log everything was OK with the rover at a quality check point before and after our data collection.

By the way, I’m bluetoothing the position into my Android device running Mappt (www.mappt.com.au), and managing data collection there, resulting in a nicely integrated workflow, without issues at this point.

Hope this helps, Al.