ReachView v2.15.5 dev update - Point stakeout

(JJ) #108

Ok thanks. I will give that a try later today!

(Egor Fedorov) #109

v2.15.5 is out fixing the new bugs brought in with the weird antenna height panel.

Please try updating again, should be fixed with the new one.

We should allow adding integer heights, I guess.

(l3technologycambodia) #110

Please look into Wifi issues of RS+.

(Timmyd) #111

The only time it crashed for me during survey was when I entered a value for the antenna height. At first I missed the default 2 meter height (bottom of screen) when setting up new survey. As long as defaulted pole height is left then it did not crash.

(JJ) #112

Works! Thanks!

(David G Canto Oreamuno) #113

Hello Summit jj! I had the same situation, and I solved it using a floating point format for the elevation, don’t use integer format, I mean, write 768.0 instead of 768, maybe a compiler problem, I guess app thinks it is a text. Hope it works for you

(Thomas Jones) #114


Stakeout seems to mostly work in v2.15.5, but after saving a point in survey, with an antenna height of X.XXX meters, and then going straight over to stakeout, there’s always a 65 mm difference. So one place is taking into account the 65 mm, and a different place doesn’t take into account the 65 mm. And on the point collection screen, it says “antenna height” when I really think you mean “pole height.”

I have mixed feelings on if Reachview should try to subtract out the pole length and adapter length and the 65 mm to the antenna center for us. There will be misunderstandings and mistakes unless the program is extremely clear with what input is required. The diagram of the pole/adapter/case with definition of “antenna height” vs “pole length” a clarification on what exactly is expected. That clarification seems to be in the stakeout page, but not on the point collection page.

(Роман Тарлаков) #116

Это замечательно. Теперь надо сделать возможность работать со своей системой координат.

This is remarkable. Now we need to make it possible to work with your coordinate system.

(JJ) #117

thanks David!

(JJ) #118

Everything seems to work fine now Egor, except In kinematic mode the map wasn’t updating with my location as I was moving from point to point. So I would walk to the point where i thought it was then switch to static and the map would update. Then I’d switch to kinematic and I’d move a little closer and then switch back to static. Is this purely my ignorance on not understanding the correct settings to use? I am using NTRIP as a base and see the grey bars in status window.

(Egor Fedorov) #120

Point collect screen label “Antenna height” should be changed to “Pole height”. I totally agree, the full transition will come. The general idea is to stop you from thinking about antenna height, which need to be calculated, and only allow working with pole height, which is written right on the pole.

Thanks for noticing!

(Egor Fedorov) #121

Can you PM me a screencast video of something like this?

When changing settings, you essentially restart the RTK engine, it might take some time to find the fixed solution again. Maybe this is the reason the map misbehaves? I would advise just staying in kinematic, it should be totally fine.

(Grigori Bereg) #122

Is there any chance of M+ C2 support? I have a project I would love to tag 2 cameras at the same time, and this would save me a lot of hassle.

(Tatiana Andreeva) #124

Hi @Grigori_Bereg,

Thanks for the request!

We do not have immediate plans for this. It possibly will be implemented sometimes in the future.

(Simon Allen) #126

If you send the timing mark FROM the Reach rather trying to capture the shutter events surely you can just split the reach timing signal?