ReachView v2.15.5 dev update - Point stakeout

(l3technologycambodia) #66

Can you allow the ReachView to enter more Ant. Height? We have 8m pole that need to be used in forest area.

(Tatiana Andreeva) #67

Hi @l3technologycambodia,

I think it can help you:

(l3technologycambodia) #68

I was referring to height of Rover pole too that I need to use 8m pole.

(Christian Grüner) #69

As mentioned, you can just add your 8 meter pole to the height of the elipsoid reading.


Feature Request:

Is it possible to add a feature in point stake out/survey to add a coordinate manually into ReachView in addition to “importing” a CSV?

There are cases where I’ve been given a new coordinate out in the field and cannot make a CSV to import this new coordinate.

Ex: When you click on the “Import” tab maybe have a drop down menu to then select the type of “file” you want to import. Such as, “CSV” or “Manually”.

Then a single new point could be added on the fly.

(Tatiana Andreeva) #71

You also can configure a rover height up to 50 meters in Survey tab while collecting points.

Agricultural base station and receivers integrated into auto-steer systems
(Tatiana Andreeva) #72

Thanks for the request! We’ll look into it.

(Jan Augustinov) #73

HOpe you are strongly considering Stereo 70 tooo! As I worked hard on my GIS local lately…

(Salvador Roselló) #74

Please! UTM is a must for survey…

(Timd1971) #75

Maybe Mapit GIS?

(l3technologycambodia) #76

Yes, but using output position from RS is only possible in Android mock location. iOS is not working with it. Having all the tools in ReachView solve the compatibility issue.

(l3technologycambodia) #77

I noticed that the update process was very slow… could you help check what could be the issue?

(Egor Fedorov) #78

v2.15.3 has been released! Details in the post update.

(Egor Fedorov) #79

If you are talking about the + devices, they have a different update mechanism. They updates do take longer to download, but they are much safer and allow to avoid virtually any problems that could surface during an update.

(l3technologycambodia) #80

LoRa for M+ meaning it could be used for RTK on drone and maybe PPK is not really the only way now?

(l3technologycambodia) #81

Please make powerful external radio for Reach RS+


I`m sorry, but i could not disagree more. Emlid is already past 10km range with LoRa and introducing more power would only make more noise for other and your application operation in the same area.
If longe range is wanted one should look at other solutions as better antennas, LTE, repeater, antenna tracker etc.
If you look to the FPV world, they operate at 40-50km range with gear below 100mw.

(l3technologycambodia) #83

We could never reach such long distance as 10km or even 3km. What could be the settings for better performance in urban environment or areas with some block trees or buildings…

(Michael Lambert) #84

This is common to all GPS receivers so there is little that can be done without more satellites or a dual-frequency receiver. Its also tougher with 915mhz. We have some conditions like this that we run 400mhz UHF. I actually have been turning down the power on my RS+ and getting better signals. One thing we have done in the past is get an external antenna that can get another 5’ or so in height. Running the Rover as high as possible keeps it above people and vehicles in urban environments.

(l3technologycambodia) #85

could you kindly provide more about info about your RS+ settings and and external antenna used?