ReachView v2.10.3 dev update - DroneDeploy CSV

Hello everyone,

The team is working on some big stuff, so it’s been kind of quiet recently. I decided to push a new small dev update so that you don’t miss us so much.

After adding CSV export option, we decided to simplify integration with an amazing map making service - Drone Deploy. They accept GCPs as a simple CSV file and you can now get it directly from Reach without need for any additional modifications.


  • DroneDeploy CSV as a new export format. Since the coordinates are WGS84, it follows this template. If you don’t use the service, you can still treat it simply like a minimalistic CSV.
GCP,Latitude,Longitude,Elevation (m)


  • RCH-933 RTK settings: Broken “Elevation mask angle” slider, reported by @Andreas_Ortner. Thanks!
  • RCH-931 Wrong project creation date on display
  • RCH-898 Fix menu height in Firefox
  • RCH-709 Fix bolt icon getting stuck after a fast plug/unplug
  • RCH-956 Firefox displays scrollbar in point collector

Hope this helps some you using our receivers for GCP collection. Map making in one of the most exciting Reach applications for us :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Emlid team


I had the feeling that when things are quiet it means something big is coming. Way to go! And we’re waiting for whatever is next!


I am a DroneDeploy user and on their Customer Advocacy Council and would be happy to negotiate beta testing between the two of you. I am currently working with Andy on the Emlid Reach RS+ and DroneDeploy workflow.

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