ReachView updating

I have 3 Wifi in the house and Reach 2 wifi say ,its not inte area, with 1 meter distans.

To have both internet Wifi and Reach Wifi on for uppdate, has not worked! Version is still 2.20.5 and no automatic uppdate take place! Is it possible to put the Reachview program on the card, where the is very much space?

Hi @jonewborg,

Could you please clarify your difficulties with connecting to Wi-Fi? What’s the status of the Network LED when you’re trying to connect?

After staring RS2 ,the led get steady blue and wifi is my Tooway satinternet. Reach C7:28 wifi not in the area! Distans 0.5 m between RS2 and Samsung android pad.

Program say: “We can not find any Reach reciever in your local network”!

Hi Jan,

The blue Network LED means Reach is in client mode and connected to the network. Can you try using the Fing app to find its IP in the network?

You can explore how to do it in “Using Reach with PC” section of this article.

Do you use an Android phone/tablet to access Reach?

I use a Samsung tablet without 3G. Now when I started RS2 alone ,the tablet found the RS2, but as soon as any other wifi is started upp, RS 2 drops out!

Hi Jan,

This is quite strange and unexpected behavior, and we’ve never faced it before. May I ask you to make a screen recording demonstrating the issue?

Do you have another phone/tablet/laptop to check if the issue persists with another device?


Today was the last day of Hexagon Smartnet 30 day trial, so I went out to take some points in Fix Solution.
When I got in I shut down all other wifi and then RS2 became a wifi (see pitures) and in my PC I could surf on internet via RS2 wifi!

Now I have to start my Ublox FP9 as local NTRIP base station.

My Samsung tablet SM-T360 is good,because it can stand work in rain and I bought it because of that!
I must get the Bluetooth working now!
Best Regards

Jan-Olov Newborg

Hi Jan,

How is it going? Have you managed to configure BT connection?

I have not been out since 28 aug. Visited my friend in Stockholm last weekend, who checked my Ublox FP9 . He use his own as base ,like i will do, but I have to get a better antenna position.

Is SBAS correction included i Single position measures?


Do you mean establishing base position?

Reach RS2 doesn’t support SBAS corrections.

The Ublox FP9 shall be base via NTRIP

Hi @jonewborg,

It should work fine with Reach RS2 rover.

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