Reachview update and some questions

Hi i’m student studying for RTK system using one reach(rover) and one u-blox lea-6t(base station).

But i have some problems using reach and reachview.

  1. my reachview version is v0.0.3. I tried update and refresh page. But no change version as below screenshot. Could you show me how to update latest version.

  1. I want to receive gps data using REACH in Raspberry pi 2 RTKLIB. So, I try to connect REACH and RPi 2 using USB. But no signal on the RTKRCV. Do you know some methods to resolve problem? If you know, please teach me.

  2. If we can’t as 2) , i want to know how to get file (log file, solution file, …) in REACH.

If anyone know solution this problem, please reply this post.

Thank you.

  1. Is Reach connected to your wireless network? Is your wireless network connected to the Internet? If both yes, then update will work.

  2. Tell us what your Reach rover’s Raw data log for onboard receiver output setting is. Your probably want tcpsvr or bluetooth.

  3. Your log files will appear in the logs tab as shown in your screenshot above.

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Thank you bide your advice.

I have question.

My labtop is connected reach:75:ee(wireless network). But, how to connect internet ? i have only one wireless connecting. Could you show me how to connect reach, wireless network and internet through the screenshot??

Use your browser to visit:

There you can tell Reach the ESSID (name) of your wireless network. If your wireless network is encrypted, make sure you enter the password.

Screenshots are here in the documentation:

No success here also for the update. I am still in 0.0.3. Local Wifi connected to Internet as I can read and post here.
Update just run a countdown for 2 minutes then nothing happen.
I am located in Africa and we have severe web filter from some sites.
Could it be possible to include updated ReachView in your Reach Image (I have 1.2) ?

Thank you bide!

I did successful update!

  1. my laptop connect reach:75:ee.
  2. and go
  3. my phone open hotspot.
  4. wi-fi setup : network name - hotspot name. -> reach is connected my hotspot network.
  5. Find my hotspot IP address through Fing.
  6. visit reachview hotspot IP address.
  7. , update!

maybe you can download a free vpn app for your smartphone, open a wifi hotspot with your phone and connect to vpn-server (with the app) and update your reach (which is connected to your phone’s hotspot)

Succeeded through Opera Developper. Now logging raw data and exporting Rinex. One step forward for me. Great
Thanks guys

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Hello, I have some problems.

I want to receive correction information from base station through serial communication.

This picture is serial communication setting.

Look at the next picture.

At this picture, we can see “UART” but we think it should be “USB” because we connected to USB port.
If you think we are right, should we install FTDI driver on the Intel Edison? And how do we install that?

Thanks for reading.

disconnect red thing connected on uart at reach.
and restart

connect reach to pc using wifi

Hi andreas.

Red thing is our converter for power supply.

Reach is connected my pc using wifi connection.

try to connect only + and -

Do you know the serial baud rate of your radios? If not, then try 115200 baud, and also try 9600 baud.