ReachView to ReachView 3 app transfer


I’m currently faced with a corrupt survey file which was downloaded from the original reachview app. I have transferred to the new ReachView 3 app and can’t access any of the original data which I had on the original app. I don’t have access to the original app any longer so can’t go back and redownload my survey from the RS2+ rover. Is there a way to access this survey from the new app or by plugging the rover into a computer?

Hi Cameron,

You still should be able to download the survey project from Reach Panel. To access Reach Panel, you need:

  1. Connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to the same Wi-Fi network as Reach (or to reach:XX:XX if Reach is in hotspot mode).
  2. Check Reach’s IP address in ReachView 3 app. If Reach is in the hotspot, it’ll be
  3. Enter this IP address in any browser.

Please keep us posted on the results!

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This method worked and we were able to retrieve the file with no issue.

Thanks for your support with this matter.


Hi Cameron,

Glad to hear that! We’re always here if you need any other help.