ReachView Stakeout

Two questions about stakeout.

  1. Is it possible to output the distance measurement in northings and eastings (Or whatever appropriate terminology) rather than the distance magnitude? This would seemingly make the stakeout process much simpler.

  2. Can the stakeout data be output similarly to how the coordinate data can be streamed (via BT, TCP, etc).


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Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for reaching out!

Please find the answers to your questions down below:

At this time, we don’t have such a feature, but we’ll note this one as a feature request.

We don’t have such a feature. Could you please elaborate on this one and answer few questions:

  1. Where are you planning output stake-out data to?
  2. How would you like to use this data?

Use MicroSurvey FieldGenius or the like (many apps out there), or just wait an unknown period of time for features to be implemented as time goes on. EMLID’s “roadmap” is VERY long and expansive.

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Thanks for the response @andrew.belov! I’m trying to autonomously navigate to a known GPS coordinate based off the GPS receiver which won’t be mobile. So I want the GPS receiver to output the stakeout data and the autonomous vehicle will travel to that location. However, without pose/orientation I don’t think it’s possible. I do have two GPS receivers so I should be able to estimate pose, but having both output the stake out data would also solve the problem.

@benjamin.klein ,

Reach devices can provide only position data. All the stakeout calculations are made on ReachView 3 side, so it’s hard to implement outputting it to work as you’re expecting.

However, I think it’s possible to program this feature to work on the third-party controller using NMEA 0183 output data from the Reach device. This data can be sent via Serial, TCP, or Bluetooth. You can check this guide in our docs, as it might be helpful if you will decide to implement this feature into the drone by yourself.


@andrew.belov - Do you have any information into the algorithm used for the stakeout calculation? I’d be fine implementing it myself as you suggested, but after a few google searches, it appears there are quite a few methods for calculating a stakeout distance. Even pointing me in the right direction would be helpful!

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your patience!

I can see that my colleague Elena has already answered your question over the email. So let me briefly repeat it.

The algorithms working in our receivers may not apply to your project. Each project has specifics and difficulties that should be taken into consideration.

I recommend doing a test and choosing what suits your specific workflow best.

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