ReachView server fails after hotspot activation

My units are giving me some trouble. When I get to a site I setup my wifi router, set the base unit up and turn it on. While I connects and gets it location I setup my rover and pull out my IPad, I put the work does side by side. Start up the updater and check the version. The wifi router uses my iphones hotspot to check for the version. When the base has a location I record all the data. Start the logs, setup the survey, and activate the hotspot and get ready to go to work. However now when I turn on the hotspot I cant gain access to ReachView. The wifi hotspot request the password a few times tries to connect and generall glitches out

Ideas to fix it?

Reachview 2.7.3?
Seems some have greater issue having their units working then others. 2.7.3 have worked nice on my units. Both hotspot and wifi.
But I also notice reachview tends to hang/not run properly when units are pushed to max wifi range or even get signals blocked in some way. So important having good connection.

Hey Brian,

I am not sure what causes this problem. We have never had any problems with hotspot operation. Is there a chance you misspelled the password, or maybe connecting to a wrong hotspot?

No I know I’m on the correct hotspot because if I power the units up with out being near an wifi that they know. I can connect just fine. Also even when doing that the web server Seems to hang up from time to time. I’ve learned I have to just take a seat and let it comeback online. Takes about 5 minutes. I may have miss representated the problem. The wifi hotspot works fine but the ReachView web server fails to start if I try to active the web sever from inside reach view when the units are connected to a router of any kind. At first I thought it may have been local interference but I tried it again in the middle of 1600 acre plot in the middle of the forest the other day and had the same problem

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