ReachView RINEX 2.x bug report


I’m using ReachView v2.9.3 and I have found what seems to be a bug in the 2.x RINEX file header.

RINEX 2.10, RINEX 2.11 and RINEX 2.12 headers all indicate that there are L2 (C2, L2, D2, S2) observables when in fact there are none, this confuses some postprocessing softwares like NRCan PPP.

ReachView RINEX 3.x is all correct as it only indicates L1 only observables

Many thanks


Hi @Isaac,

We are already aware of it and are working on a fix :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report!

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Hi Igor,

Many thanks for the acknowledgement!



Fix is out now

:grinning: Excellent thanks!

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