ReachView reset RTK button

Is it possible to create a “reset rtk” button that would reset the connection to the NTRIP provider to create a new baseline?
I work on RTN corrections - currently if I do not turn off the receiver, the virtual base station is unchanged.

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Hi @marcin,

Do I understand correctly that you require the Reach to recalculate its solution?

Have you tried switching on/off the Correction Input in the Correction Input tab? This should also make the receiver recalculate its position. It might be more convenient than switching the receiver off and on again.

That’s exactly it. Until now, I have turned off and on again the corrections in the Correction Input tab. It seems to me that a button in the Status tab would be more convenient, which would do the same with one press.

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Thanks for the request!

We’ll see how we can implement it in the future versions of the App.

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