Reachview/Reach RS LoRa Radio settings

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has worked out approximate ranges for the different LoRa Radio output powers?
e.g. dBm: 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
km: 0.2 0.5 1 2.5 5 15 20 22

Nonsense relationship above, but would be great to have a good handle on this for setting up for different applications.


Hello e.atkin

I’m new at this understanding of what are the best parameters for Lora output power should be, but there is this great article online that kind of breaks down the many factors that influence the dbm and distance relationship. If you look up “electronic design” an article titled Understanding wireless range calculation by Chris Downey

Hope this helps

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Thanks Juan. I will have a look through.
I have done several surveys with out ReachRS units now and i still cant figure out what works and what doesn’t and why!
When I find the time, I will most certainly do a bunch of test and plot it all up!

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