Reachview point codes

Hi everybody.
I have searched in the forum info about assign codes to points when using Reachview, only found this closed conversation:

I really think it would be a great improvement for the app, select codes from a imported list of codes or even a list based on the codes associated to other points in the current job. May be I am missing something but couldn’t find the way to do it.


Hi @Naeblis,

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As I understand, you’re talking about feature codes. Like, you know, when you can create a list of codes for different types of objects and then just choose the necessary one for each collected point.

At the moment, ReachView 3 doesn’t support them. However, we have such a request on our roadmap. And I’ll note your +1 for this feature!

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Thank you for your fast response. Look forward to see this feature in updates!

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