Reachview point codes

Hi everybody.
I have searched in the forum info about assign codes to points when using Reachview, only found this closed conversation:

I really think it would be a great improvement for the app, select codes from a imported list of codes or even a list based on the codes associated to other points in the current job. May be I am missing something but couldn’t find the way to do it.


Hi @Naeblis,

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As I understand, you’re talking about feature codes. Like, you know, when you can create a list of codes for different types of objects and then just choose the necessary one for each collected point.

At the moment, ReachView 3 doesn’t support them. However, we have such a request on our roadmap. And I’ll note your +1 for this feature!

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Thank you for your fast response. Look forward to see this feature in updates!

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Hi @Naeblis,

I’m here to bring you up to date. Codes are supported now by Emlid Flow (previously known as ReachView 3) under the Survey plan subscription. You can read our guide to learn how to use them in the app.

This feature is also implemented in Emlid Flow 360 – a desktop application, where you can prepare the data for the field. This guide describes the process step-by-step.

In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to create a new topic or email us to