ReachView over Bluetooth - is that possible?

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I am using a pair of Reach modules for precision navigation of a small quadcopter, using the usual configuration: 1 static Reach as a base communicating with Mission Planner that injects corrections to the drone through a 3DR radio pair, 1 Reach on the drone for RTK navigation. Firmware and ReachView are both updated to the respective latest versions.

This post is about the connection of the Reach/base to my laptop that is running Mission Planner. For this purpose, up to now I have been using the Reach/base hotspot, that is Reach/base and laptop are connect via wifi and corrections are delivered through TCP. Everything works fine, except that the Reach/base wifi is unfortunately unstable (on the contrary, the Reach/rover wifi works pretty fine, so my guess is that the Reach modules used as base has some malfunctioning…). For this reason I switched to USBtoPC connection, which works perfectly. I also configured the connection as “Ethernet on USB” so that I could access Rechview at the IP

Now (and this is my point), I’d like to feed Mission Planner with base corrections through Bluetooth so that I could comfortably sit with my laptop many meters away from the base. I managed to that easily, but I cannot access ReachView following the same procedure as for the USB case. I wonder if that is possible or not.

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Unfortunately, accessing ReachView over Bluetooth is not possible (network over BT is very tricky).
But it is possible to both access ReachView and send corrections to Mission Planner by connecting over WiFi.

Thanks for your reply @mikhail.avkhimenia!

Unfortunately, the wifi connection of my base Reach module is not working well, it is not stable and the connection drops when I move my laptop away from the Reach more than 2-3 meters.

Honestly, I’m starting to think that the whole Reach module is malfunctioning, as it is becoming harder and harder to connect it though wifi and on top of that it sometimes restarts by itself…


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