ReachView m+ wifi switch off problem

hi everybody,

before the flight i want to switch off the WiFi of reach m+ but when ı try to switch off it does not work.
i use the reachview (1.4 version) on iphone 6s Plus (ios 12.1.4) . what could be the problem?


Hi @emregumus,

Have you tried to disable Wi-Fi by clicking on the red string “Turn Wi-Fi off to save the battery power” at the bottom of Wi-Fi page in ReachView?

Could you please share your Reach M+ simple system report?

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Just curious why you want to turn off the Wi-Fi? I turn off the Wi-Fi on my iPad because I don’t want the apps trying to use it while I’m flying.

My guess would be to prevent radio interference on 2.4 ghz, which is also the frequency for most RC controllers.
Basically to make the RC-receiver environment have better SNR.

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