Reachview in M2 does not convert UBX to RINEX well (missing events))

I’ve been testing an m2 unit on an uav in PPK mode for several days now and it’s working great, :blush:.

All these days we were exporting the data in UBX format, converting to RINEX and it was working perfectly.

The thing is that to speed up the process I decided to export the data directly in RINEX format from reachview and my surprise was that I missed a lot of camera events.

Again I decide to try to export my data from the same flight in UBX format and surprise! the events match again with the images.

I write this so that anyone who encounters this problem has a possible solution, also so that the emlid team takes into account this problem and fixes it in future updates.

Missed events exporting directly to RINEX:

Perfect events exporting UBX data:

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Hi @alzabale,

Thanks a lot for the report!

May I ask you to share with us both UBX and RINES files from this flight so we can dig into the issue?

Hi @alzabale,

Thanks for the data, I’ll check them!

Do I understand right that M2 is running the v2.22.4 firmware version?

Yes, both receivers updated to the latest version


Thanks for the info! I’ll write back once we have any update on this.

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any news about this?

Hi @alzabale,

We’re working on the fix now and hope to release it in one of the future firmware updates. I’ll keep you posted.

Hi @alzabale,

Recently, we pushed the new v2.22.5 stable update that fixes the issue with RINEX files you experienced.

If you have a chance to try a new version, it’d be great to get your feedback on it :slightly_smiling_face:

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