Reachview in command line

Hello, I wonder it’s possible to get the information on reachview via command line in the linux as back end program instead of GUI? thanks in advance,


What kind of information are you looking for?

You can run RTKLIB directly on Reach and get information from there. You can also configure ReachView to output solution to TCP ports and get the data with netcat.

@egor.fedorov hi, thanks for the quick response. For the reachview output, 1. does all information stream via one port, 2. we would need POS info course, and GPST, status as well, is that possible via listening to the port? thanks,

@egor.fedorov hi, I’ve tried a few times with the netcat by: $ nc 6868, however it kept saying:

nc: can’t connect to remote host ( Connection refused,

I was using the SSH over wifi of reach rover on port 22, is it because the port 6868 is closed by default? also tried with nc -lp but it seems that the netcat installed only support the nc [ipaddr port] command… Is there a way to work this out? thanks,

Hey Egor, is it possible to use command line to start and stop raw data logging? Thanks.