Reachview - Great work! and some suggestions

Hi All,

I’ve been working with a pair of Reach RS+ for a few weeks now for surveying in a base-rover configuration using the LoRa radio, with the base on known coordinates in manual mode. I use the second Reach as a rover configured in kinematic mode. As others have experienced here, I have had difficulty getting a fix on the rover in some conditions, but able to get a solid fix in others or at different times. I’m continuing to read and understand the abilities and limitation of the hardware and technology. I’m quite impressed with what the Reach RS+ and Reachview can do, and I look forward to the development of Reachview as it progresses.

I have a few suggestions for Reachview that I would find helpful:

1 - The ability to save and recall configurations in Reachview. Specifically the NTRIP configurations (Server, username, password, mountpoint) as I use multiple providers, and it’s a pain to keep entering this info.

2 - I’m very interested in the potential of an RTK Stop-and-Go survey function in Reachview where Reachview could adjust the RTK mode automatically from static to kinematic, and back during field work. This method seems to perform better in point survey type situations, but currently the method of switching makes it tedious.

3 - Reachview integration with RAW files/data for post processing. The Reachview application is excellent and very user friendly, it would be great if it could utilize stop-and-go survey methods with recording of raw data to make the whole PPK process easier.

4 - Due to the nature of L1 GNSS surveying, there are some areas that are just not going to work for this due to tree canopy, etc. To work around this, I am using a Bluetooth rangefinder with integrated compass (LT TruPulse 360B) to take offset measurements from my GNSS position. MapIt! on android supports a Bluetooth connection and the ability to add these projected points. It would be GREAT if I could pair the TruPulse with the Reach RS+ Bluetooth and record the projected points right into Reachview.

5 - The ability to load an offline basemap into Reachview (or the reachview app) to replace the openstreetmaps basemap. I use the Reach in hotspot mode, and when it’s connected, the OSM basemap won’t load due to the lack of internet, so this would be a good workaround and allow for customization depending on the requirements of the project, and in areas with no internet access.

Anyway, these are my suggestions to date. I’m very impressed with the current state of Reachview and it’s ease and the ability to fully configure almost everything. Well done and thank you!

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You can explain a little bit because in MANUAL mode the FIX state is not achieved

Hi Abel,

Are you referring to this statement?

I use base manual mode on the Reach base unit configured with known coordinates, I am then using a Reach rover configured in kinematic to acquire a location on survey points. I am referring to the rover when I say I’m having difficulty getting a FIX solution.


Hi Dave,

Thank you for the suggestions, these are all really good ideas and we will consider them in ReachView development.


I too have not been able to achieve a fix with manual base entry. I switch to average single without changing anything else and fix within a couple of minutes.

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