ReachView / FieldGenius (different coordinates)

Dear all,

The following happened to me today:

Set up the RS2 above a known location.

Opened up ReachView for iOS, got into my project (EPSG:31466 + EPSG:7837), activated the corresponding NTRIP stream (SAPOS; provided by the federal state I live in), and averaged the position for 3:30 min.

Opened up FieldGenius for Android thereafter, set up a project using EPSG:31466 (3-degree-Gauss-Kruger zone 2) and ellipsoidal height (Deutsches Hauptdreiecksnetz), and activated the same NTRIP stream as above and averaged the position for another 3:30 min.

The position deltas were as follows:

X → 0,962m
Y → 1,278m

Z → 1,433m (Since FieldGenius doesn’t provide the GCG2016, height information is irrelevant here.)

Can someone please explain what happened here? The RS2 didn’t move a centimeter, the EPSG code on both projects was identical and the NTRIP stream didn’t change.

Many thanks in advance for your help.



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I would be curious to see how the CRS are set in each app. In the past I have encountered an issue that introduced a shift in data when reprojecting, even though it was the same EPSG number. It turns out that between ArcMap and FME, the ellipsoid’s axes parameters didn’t have the same number of decimals, which induced that slight shift. It might be something similar although your shift is very large.

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I have surveyed three known points today and provided FieldGenius with data pairs to compute a local transformation.

The accuracy now is acceptable, but I have a feeling that this is only an intermediate solution for a >1.000€ software that doesn’t even provide a country-specific geoid model for Germany. :partying_face:

Hopefully, Microsurvey will answer my support ticket less superficially than they did last time. đź« 



Update: Support by Microsurvey was excellent this time! :+1:

Fact is that FieldGenius for Android currently does not support transformation via RTCM.

It has already been implemented into their Windows-based software and the feature for Android is likely to follow in Q3/Q4 of 2022.




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