ReachView feature request: confirm on delete

I am requesting a confirmation action on delete of log files within ReachView because I have deleted logs by accident a few times.

Fat thumbs on smartphone screen, or just tired and not giving proper attention to what I am doing. Once I was trying to cancel RINEX conversion and I double-tapped the screen and lost the log.



Noted! Thanks for your feedback.

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Instead, maybe an “enable delete” button might be better at the bottom of the logs page? …or something like that.

When there are 30 log files, it would take too long to click on delete button and then also “are you sure? yes/no” for each one.

“Delete all” would work too, but might be too scary. :fearful:

Yeah, we don’t want that.

Modern UIs are usually allowing you to undo your last action instead of requesting confirmation. So, for example we could show something like “log deleted in 5,4,3,2,1 “cancel delete?”” on the place of the log file. If you do not click on it it will just disappear.

Anyway, there is a completely new UI coming and we’ll make sure to get this part right as well.

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Impatient user wants to know if this will be in the next ReachView release or much further into the future.

We are going to keep releasing updates with bug fixes and small features, but new UI is coming in late June - early July. :wink:

Thank you @danilkramorov and team @emlid for this feature!

I like the option to delete a whole day which helps keep the cleanup workflow fast!

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