Reachview disconnecting

After update of 2.24 we are facing connectivity issue reachview app show an error and disconnects for several seconds and connects again after approx 10 to 15 sec. And this happens after every 10 seconds. Screen shot is attached

Moreover, we charged reach RS+ for about 3 hours and when we are connecting it stays online For max 30 mints after that all the lights blinks couple of times and RS+ power off.

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the same problem happens with me

Hi, @Akay_Yesiloz,

Thanks for the report!

However, we haven’t faced such behavior during our tests and need some more info to investigate what might go wrong:

  1. Which device you use to connect to Reach? Is it Android?
  2. What was the previous firmware version installed on the device?
  3. Is it possible to extract the Full System report from the device? If yes, please PM it to me or send it directly to the report may contain some sensitive information so that it’s better not to share it publicly

1- all Device which we are using are Android
2- previous firmware v2.22.7
3- i will share system report ASAP.

moreover can you confirm how much time is required to charge Reach Rs+ and how long its battery last?