Reachview custom projections

When will custom projections be available on reachview? I submited a local projection a few years ago but didn´t get any feedback.

I would like to download my logs using my custom projection and view realtime data in the custom projection.

Hi Luis,

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I guess what you’re looking for is the Custom coordinate system option. It’s already here! Creating one in ReachView 3 allows you to collect your data in the desired coordinate system and projection in real-time. Our doc here will guide you through the steps.

Still, I believe you’re also interested in streaming the position in the chosen coordinate system. For now, this is not something we can implement: the output formats always contain geographical coordinates. This is usually enough as, after you receive the stream, you can work with it in any way you like.

Could you give us a bit more details about your workflow? This way, we’ll get a wider perspective on the application.

Hi, we are testing the RS2 device for static data adquisition for cadastral purposes, and here in Guatemala, there is a local projection used and it´s called GTM (Guatemala GTM (42500): SR-ORG Projection -- Spatial Reference) so all the governmental institutions use and expect all cartographic data and products to be in GTM projection.

So most points are being logged under tree canopies, mostly fast static method, and postprocessed to obtain desired precision. So in this case, it would be easier to obtain resulting data in local projections, for example.


Does anyone know if the Emlid Studio postprocessing software can be configured using local projections?

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Hi Luis,

From what I see, that’s exactly the projection you can find in ReachView 3 under the GTM name (ESRI:103598). So, if you can work in RTK, you can get the results in the desired system straight away.

I also get that you use post-processing mostly. Emlid Studio works with geographical coordinates for now. Still, if projection is something you need at the moment, you can check out 3rd-party post-processing software that helps with this. I can’t give you any exact software options but I’m pretty sure our users might give you a hint or two.

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