Reachview boot with no sats

Is there a reason why the reachview interface doesn’t come up if there are not sats in view?
I usually configure my stuff in a place where there are no sats in view and is really a pain to not be able to connect to reachview if there is not sat reception.

If there is a particular reason can it be explained?

Hi @corrado.steri,

Would you mind specifying the firmware version? Could you please point out if you could access the receiver in the area where there was the satellite reception?

It should be possible to access the unit via the ReachView app even if there is no sky view or bad satellite reception.

Latest dev on Reach M2.
Yes, as soon as i put the vehicle out than reachview sees the unit and connects. If there is not sky in view than it doesn’t show up in the app and i can’t connect.
I still can ping it while it is not showing up but the app or the browser can’t connect.


Could you please describe the LED status of the device when you can’t connect to it?

You mean you can’t replicate it? Rather easy, just take your antenna off and see if you can connect.

I have my reach buried in the uav and can’t see leds.

Corrado, Reach M2 won’t launch before it completes time sync. In order to do this, Reach needs either the Internet access or satellites. This is the same as how older Reach works.

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Ok understand.


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