Reachview app will not work

The reachview no longer works on my Android device (Oneplus 5T - android vers 9, oxygenOS version 9.0.3.

i have uninstalled it and re-installed it several times but it never fully loads after selecting the Reach IP address etc

It’s always been like that with Android, either connects to a unit or doesn’t.

Use a browser and the ip address of a unit.

thanks, but it has been fairly reliable up until recently. Luckily i had a spare phone (also android) which connected straight away so i was able to start logging.

its not practical to use the browser in the field as my laptop is the ground control for the drone and uses the WIFI link. I need to be able to connect via the app.


Hi @malcolmdavidge,

There’s an issue in some versions of Android OS. It can occur on some Android devices and disappear on other models.

It’s more likely this Android device has been updated.

ok thank you - i will try it again tomorrow and update you :slight_smile:

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