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Hi Emlid,

I’m using a base & rover RS+ in both LoRa and NTRIP corrections mode and am wondering if you can answer the following please:

  1. Can the NTRIP settings be saved so I don’t need to be re-enter them every time I use NTRIP?

  2. Can you confirm the antenna height has already been subtracted from the elevation output please?

  3. To save key stroke / human error during processing am I able to swap the order of the ReachView export CSV columns C & D (longitude & latitude) so “C” is latitude and “D” is longitude?

Not directly yes in terms of a save button, but your credentials is preserved each time you reboot the device but might be erased with a firmware update.

The antenna height is in the equation with the output from survey menu (geojson, csv etc export)
but not in the raw or rinex logs for post processing

This can be swaped in the excel file you download. But not possible to change directly in Reachview

I should state, as of now. Reachview 2.20 ish
Emlid is constantly adding new feature :slight_smile:


Hmmmm, I seem to have to re-enter my NTRIP credentials every time I start a new survey.

I found a quote by Tatiana from an earlier post which answers my question; “In the Survey tool, the antenna height is already subtracted if you specified it before a point collection.” :ok_hand::+1:

This is what I have been doing but as I said “To save key stroke / human error during processing” I wanted to avoid having to do this manual task on numerous files.

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