Reachview App, CSV Import points, date is overwritten

When I import points from a CSV file, the creation date is set to the import date. the actual creation date is overwritten.
This is very bad.
Please fix it.
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Hi @Boess_Infra,

I don’t think it’s overwritten on purpose. CSV file and ReachView 3 project are different objects. The creation date is a CSV file creation date. A CSV file is created when you import a project from ReachView 3. And it depends on your phone, not ReachView 3.

Hello Svetlana.
For explanation.
If I measured a point yesterday at 3 p.m. and exported this point as csv, then the csv will contain the date when measured at this point.
If I import this point today at 12:00 via csv, then this point is now measured in detail today 12:00 (the date from the import and not the date from the measurement.)


Oh, I got what you mean now! It indeed works that way. We don’t store the creation date in CSV as it contains the Collection timespan.

Can you describe why having the creation date is essential for your workflow? I want to sort it out to pass your request to the team in the right way.

Good morning Svetlana.
I actually expect that the information that is given for a single point really belongs to this point.
This means that the recording duration also corresponds to the actual recording.
If I e.g. import points after a year that shows that these points were already recorded a year ago.
The import date is not important here.

Got you now. We’ll note it. Thanks for the additional details.

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