ReachView app and mobile hotspot

When RS+ or RS2 connects to a smartphone hotspot for internet connection, why can’t ReachView app on that phone connects to RS+ or RS2? I tried Fing app to find the IP but it was NOT possible. Needed to use another phone to connect to that phone and run ReachView app on second phone to see the IP.

Hi @l3technologycambodia,

It should be possible to see the receiver in the ReachView app on the phone that you broadcast the hotspot from.

Once the receiver connects to the hotspot (you can check it in the settings of your phone and by LED status on the device) you need to:

  • open the ReachView app
  • get back to the list of available devices
  • refresh it

Then it should be possible to see the devices in the network.

It’d be great if you could elaborate on which device you used to broadcast the hotspot and what firmware version is installed on your Reach receivers.

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