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ReachView and Lenovo TAB4 10

(Dima) #1

I can’t to start reachview on Lenovo TAB4 10 - got message “Sorry, ReachView is not responding”

(Timd1971) #3

Might want to check which version Android the tablet has… ReachView app may require a newer Android version.

You can use Fing app to get the Emlid’s IP address, and connect to them that way via web browser
I.e. Chrome.

(Andrew Yushkevich) #4

Did you manage to resolve the issue, @dima?

(Dima) #5

Yes, thank you.
But now I can’t connect to APN of RTK - operator.
Colleagues from the office of cartography suggest that I need to turn off Wi-Fi. But how, in this case, to contact Reach.